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Living Meatless Tales – Episode #17: Featuring Dwarf Stars

Welcome to this episode of Living Meatless Tales. Be inspired as you are taken on an adventure of transformation and understanding as each one of our guests share their experience of making the switch to a plant-based lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say chocolate is probably the best food ever and nut butter cups being one of the delectable treats you can eat. In this episode of Living Meatless Tales, you will meet the the creators of Dwarf Stars who makes the best seed butter cups around! 

Dwarf Stars Owners Kathryn & Garrit

The Interview:

Rachel: Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for our readers. It is always exciting to hear stories from people like you and learn why you decided to start doing what you’re doing with Dwarf Stars. 

Please tell us a little about yourself and your background of eating plant-based and starting your business. 

Kathryn: “Gerrit, my business partner, and I have battled with a lot of food intolerances and trial and error when it comes to diet. He recently discovered he has meat related intolerances and I have had dairy intolerances for years. Our diets aren’t perfect, but we do our best to eat mostly a plant-based diet filled with fresh, local and wholesome foods.

After, consuming different forms of related media years ago, such as Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet and documentaries, like Food Inc. that talk about the current situation in the North American food system, I started to become enlightened to the realities of what is really going on in an industry that has been made really easy not to think about. 

Anytime I went to the the grocery store, to pick up what I needed I didn’t give any thought to the larger environmental footprint of fruit being shipped 5,000 kilometres from a southern country, or the impact of mass raised poultry pumped with hormones and antibiotics to speed maturation to keep up with competition and market demand.” 

Dwarf Stars Originals

Rachel: What made you decide to start your business, Dwarf Stars?

Kathryn: “Gerrit is an experienced red-seal chef who has studied under talented mentors like Duncan Lee, of Foreign Concept, and Jinhee Lee, of Raw Bar & Masterchef Canada. 

I am a sweet-toothed marketer with a long-time passion for fitness, nutrition and healthy living. 

We noticed a gap in the market for delicious yet nutritious treats and since we have been best friends for over 11 years, we decided to combine our passions and skills to bring a next generation line of chocolate treats to the market. Gone are the days of feeling like crap after delighting your taste buds. We wanted to offer a product that makes you feel as good as it tastes!”

Rachel: I agree. When I first went vegan I started by mastering vegan desserts because there was nothing like it on the market. It was also what seemed to get more people to eat my vegan food. 

So, what made you decide to focus on chocolate and snacks?  

Kathryn: “Gerrit has always been quite innovative with ingredients and creating new recipes. His sister has a severe peanut allergy so his family grew up without peanut butter in the home; however, he loves it. He found pumpkin seed butter on the shelf and was intrigued. He began experimenting with chocolate and chickpeas, fed me his concoction and I told him we had to share this with the world! Voila! Dwarf Stars was born!”

Rachel: I know you offer a few different treats.What items are your best sellers and why? 

Kathryn: Our Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups are our best seller, likely because they are the most recognizable since people think of them like peanut butter cups. Our sugar-free cup has taken over the original, in terms of sales, but now that we just launched our Vegan White Chocolate Cups, they are quickly becoming the fan favourite!”

Pumpkin Seed Butter Cup

Rachel: I love your pumpkin seed cup and the white chocolate variety. I was always a big fan of Reese Peanut Butter Cups back when I still ate dairy so it’s nice to have a healthier, dairy-free option. 

Now, let me as you this….if a young person came to you looking for help about embracing a vegan lifestyle and you only had a few minutes to give him, or her, your best piece of advice, what would it be?

Kathryn: “Start with the simple process of being more aware of what you’re eating, where it comes from and how it affects your energy levels and makes you feel. Begin by incorporating more plant-based items with every meal. For some reason, people overlook veggies at breakfast where they can easily be incorporated and actually enhance your meal and add a ton of flavour! For instance, shredded zucchini cooked in to your oats! 

Then start to consume some media, such as documentaries, books and articles, to learn more about our food system at large. Educate yourself and begin to align your daily habits with your values and with what you think is important.”

Rachel: I talk about this a lot, and how it’s important to be our own advocate of learning and aligning our choices with things we believe in. We really do vote with our dollars. The big companies will continue to make the things we buy.

Is there anything else you’d like to add to complete your story? 

Kathryn: “A lot of people ask where our business name “Dwarf Stars” came from. When Gerrit first created the originals, chickpea product, my first thought was that they looked like comets or space rocks. I began researching astrological terms and stumbled across dwarf stars. They are stars that don’t shine as bright as other stars, but are still stars and tremendously powerful. I loved this metaphor for our brand – that just like anything in life, regardless of the surface, it’s really what’s on the inside that matters. Gerrit and I bonded as friends over our eccentricities and completely embraced each other’s “weird.” We want to spread this message and help other people embrace who they are, right now in this moment – one chocolate at a time!“

Rachel: I love that! What a great story! Such a wonderful subconscious message you are sending to the world who are also enjoying the many benefits while enjoying your treats. 

Thank you Kathryn for taking the time with us today. I look forward to watching the growth of Dwarf Stars as more and more people get to know you and your products and demand more! 

If you want to learn more about Dwarf Stars and where to purchase their products you can find them online at:

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Rachel Joy Olsen, BSc., MBA

Author, Health & Wellness Coach

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