Raw Eatery & Market – Living Meatless Tales #18

Welcome to this episode of Living Meatless Tales. Be inspired as you are taken on an adventure of transformation and understanding as my guests share their experience of making the switch to a plant-based lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say there is nothing better than sitting down to eat and enjoying a fresh, homemade meal. In this episode of Living Meatless Tales, you will meet one of the owners of Raw Eatery and Market, where you will find a menu rich in delicious plant-based food. 

Raw Eatery and Market is located at 1145 Kensington Crescent, NW in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is one of my favourite plant-based restaurants to eat at often. Not only is the food made with fresh and delicious ingredients but the owners, Megan Pope and Ali Magee, are always warm and welcoming. 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Megan to ask her a few questions about her journey to Calgary and why her and Ali decided to open up in “beef town.” Please watch the video above for the interview. 

Megan and Ali came from Toronto and ventured to Calgary to open Raw Eatery and Marketing the summer of 2016. Their vision for opening up their own restaurant in Calgary was to “create a community where everyone can feel proud about their day-to-day choices, support one another, and promote positive social change.” They saw a need for plant-based food in the city best known for the Calgary Stampede a province best known for its beef. Although they know they are up against much resistance from people still not familiar with the benefits of eating plants, Megan says that their clientele is expanding from vegans, like me, to meat eaters just looking to try something new. 

Megan and Ali created the menu from their love of cooking, fresh, raw food and sharing this love with others. Megan stated that neither her or Ali have any formal training in culinary arts but they received much inspiration from food blogs and ideas from people requesting to see certain menu items. 

The menu at Raw Eatery and Market includes appetizers, including my personal favourite The Fancy Avo, which is smashed avocado, tomato and balsamic reduction on fresh sourdough bread. Shareable dishes like the nachos. Colourful plates and salads like another one of my favourites, The Kale-Mary, which is smothered with a divine cashew cheese sauce and main dishes like the raw lasagna. Each dish is prepared with passion, compassion and love and is reflected in each delicious bite. 

In the market area of the restaurant, they have clothing and other items that reflect their passion for living a plant-based vegan lifestyle. 

I have taken many newbies, from people who already eat a plant-based diet to hard-core meat eaters and everyone has been very impressed and have often returned on their own. If you have not yet made your way for lunch or dinner at Raw Eatery and Market, what are you waiting for? Get there today! Meet Megan and Ali, two young, talented and heart-centred Calgary restauranteurs, and experience their delicious food for yourself.

Megan and Ali are also co-organizers of the Calgary Veg Fest. This is all vegan festival was started in 2017 and is now considered the largest outdoor vegan festival in Western Canada with over 15,000 attendees in the summer of 2019. It includes various food, clothing and animal awareness booths as well as education sessions from a variety of plant-based experts. This is a must attend every year!

Thank you Megan for taking the time to speak with me and sharing your story. I look forward to many more meals at Raw Eatery and Market and watching it grow as more and more people get to know you and your delicious food and demand more! 

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Rachel Joy Olsen, BSc., MBA

Author, Health & Wellness Coach