The High Cost of Animal Based Diets

Animal based diets have been at the forefront since perhaps the beginning of the modern world. However, it seems, with the state of the world, and the high cost of animal based diets, things are about to change…drastically. In today’s blog, I will discuss the issues that come from eating high animals-based diets and what Read More

What Are Micronutrients?

In my last blog, I answered the question, “What Are Macronutrients?” In this blog, I will answer the questions of “What are Micronutrients” and why are they so important to our health? The science of nutrition is fascinating. There’s much research that’s been done on nutrition in the body and yet there is still a Read More

Copper Branch Suncor – Living Meatless Tales #16

Welcome to episode #16 of Living Meatless Tales featuring Xeniya Danilov, owner of Copper Branch in the Suncor building in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Be inspired as you’re taken on an adventure of transformation and understanding as our guest shares her experience of making the switch to a plant-based lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same. Xeniya Read More

Are You Too Acidic?

Have you ever felt sluggish, had a hard time losing weight, suffered from skin problems or chronic pain? These symptoms, and many others, could be a sign that your body is in acidic state. Your body’s acidity, or pH balance, will determine if you stay healthy, get a chronic disease or if you lose, gain Read More