How To Master Your Vegan Meal Plan [recipes included]

Have you ever thought of going vegan but then decided it was too hard or you had no clue where to start? Whether you’re thinking about becoming vegan, a new or long-time vegan, you have come to the right place.    In this blog, I will share with you exactly how to plan your vegan Read More

7 Ways To Start Meatless Monday

I am sure you have heard the team “Meatless Monday.” at some point over the years. The idea of Meatless Monday has a long history, and more importantly, one that is worth discussing and understanding. This is not just a fad or some fun way to eat but it is a large movement that has Read More

5 Mouth-Watering Raw Vegan Cheesecake Recipes

Cheesecake is probably one of the most popular desserts outs there. However, they are mostly made with dairy-based cheese. The good news is there is another way! Last week, I posted a blog about how dairy is not the healthiest food to eat and should be taken out of the diet. Luckily, there are many Read More

How To Get Enough Calcium Without Eating Dairy

It seems that most people believe that drinking milk and eating milk products is the only way to get enough calcium. However, did you know that many other foods also contain rich sources of this bone building mineral without all the side effects and harmful animal practices? That’s why in this blog, you will discover Read More

How To Prepare A Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and for many people it is a time to spend time with family and friends and reflect on what we’re grateful for. This is also a wonderful time to celebrate in a loving and compassionate way by enjoying a feast that is rich in plant-based food. Not only are Read More

How To Fuel Intense Workouts With A Plant-Based Diet

When you think about an athlete what do you picture? A guy with big bulging muscles eating 10,000 calories a day in chicken and broccoli? Or a buff female with six-pack abs drinking a whey protein shake? This is often the stereotypical thought of an athlete but this is not always the case. In this blog, I Read More

How To Get Fat Soluble Vitamins On A Vegan Diet

You may have noticed that the vegan, or plant-based, diet is receiving a lot of attention these days as more people make the choice to refrain from eating animal based foods. However, with this new popularity comes much scrutiny as well. People are still under the misconception that a vegan diet does not contain all the essential nutrients Read More

15 Essential Tools For Your Kitchen

I’m sure you will agree that spending time in the kitchen is way more fun when you have the right tools. In this blog, I will review 15 essential tools for your vegan kitchen. These tools will make life easier and more enjoyable so you can create the best tasting meals with ease. Many years Read More

How To Align With Your Core Values

We all work hard for our money so it’s important that we make smart choices about where we spend this money.  But do you realize how you spend your money, and the way you choose to live your life, reflects your core values? In this blog, I will show you how to discover your core values, Read More