The High Cost of Animal Based Diets

Animal based diets have been at the forefront since perhaps the beginning of the modern world. However, it seems, with the state of the world, and the high cost of animal based diets, things are about to change…drastically. In today’s blog, I will discuss the issues that come from eating high animals-based diets and what Read More

7 Ways To Start Meatless Monday

I am sure you have heard the team “Meatless Monday.” at some point over the years. The idea of Meatless Monday has a long history, and more importantly, one that is worth discussing and understanding. This is not just a fad or some fun way to eat but it is a large movement that has Read More

Top 11 Foods To Eat This Fall Season

As the fall season comes upon us and the temperature outside begins to cool it is a good time to start looking at using ingredients that are more plentiful for the season. Eating seasonal fruits and veggies is a great way to keep your grocery budget in check and gain the most nutrition from your Read More

Ketogenic vs. Plant-Based Diet: Which One Is Better?

Fad diets have been around for decades. They are successful, in the short-term, because they promise quick weight loss. However, those of us who have been in the health profession for many years know that quick results does not mean healthy, safe or long-lasting. In this blog, I will discuss the detrimental effects of fad Read More

You Love Animals But Do You Love Yourself? Nine Habits To Show Yourself Some Love.

You might be wondering what self-care and self-love have to do with Living Meatless but trust me it does! The number one reason why people choose to refrain from eating or using animal products is because they love and care for animals so much they can’t bear the thought of supporting industries that cause animal Read More

How To Get Fat Soluble Vitamins On A Vegan Diet

You may have noticed that the vegan, or plant-based, diet is receiving a lot of attention these days as more people make the choice to refrain from eating animal based foods. However, with this new popularity comes much scrutiny as well. People are still under the misconception that a vegan diet does not contain all the essential nutrients Read More

21 Best Sources of Plant-Based Protein

As you probably know, protein is essential to build and repair tissues, hormone and enzyme production and help sustain the energy provided by carbohydrates. However, many people have the misconception that plant-foods do not contain enough protein. In this blog, I will review 21 best sources of plant-based protein that will support recovery and repair Read More