Health Coaching

Love Yourself Healthy 12-Week Program

Program includes:

  • 12, one-on-one, 30-minute sessions (once/week)
  • Self-care plan
  • Sample Meal Plan & Personalized Options
  • Personalized Fitness Plan
  • FREE gifts and bonuses

The role of a health coach is to empower you to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours to manage and prevent chronic disease and live an active, healthy and happy life. It is my biggest passion to help you along this journey to better health so you can feel fit , healthy, happy and be your best self. 

Client Testimonial

“After coaching with Rachel  I have more energy and I am stronger than ever before. Even though I deal with MS, Rachel inspires and encourages me to love myself and go for the life I desire! Her products and services have the best investment I could have made for myself! She has changed the way I live my life forever!”

Annette Matisz

This Program Is For You If You:

  • Desire to lose weight and have a fit body
  • Want to develop a healthy relationship with food
  • Want to learn how to prep and cook healthy and delicious meals
  • Are ready to add regular exercise and movement into your life
  • Want to have better self esteem and confidence
  • Desire greater happiness in life
  • Desire to have a deeper connection with yourself and others
  • Want to understand what it means to be healthy
  • Desire to be an inspiration to others.
  • Are ready to transform your life

Program Outline

This program outline is only a striating point that includes some topics that may be discussed in each session. However, sessions are designed and tailored to better suit your own personal needs and goals. 

Week 1: Clarify Your Vision, Your Why and Setting Goals

Week 2: Simple Steps To Self-Care & Stress Reduction 

Week 3: Exercise Strategies For A Fit & Healthy Body

Week 4: Fuelling Your Body With Whole-Food Nutrition

Week 5: Meal Planning For Optimal Results

Week 6: Mindful Eating & Portion Control

Week 7: Understanding Food Labels

Week 8: The Importance Of Hydration & Sleep 

Week 9: Developing A Healthy Social Life

Week 10: Breaking Through Fear & Stepping Into Life

Week 11: Balancing Your Chakras 

Week 12: Developing A Positive Mindset & Meditation Techniques

Client Testimonial

I was struggling with nutrition and general health and wellbeing. I enjoy high intensity exercise, and didn’t feel that I had proper nutrition to carry me through my weekly goal of 4.5 workouts a week. I often got sick and very fatigued. I often felt frustrated because my goal was weight loss, and I couldn’t seem to find balance or eat properly to lose. Rachel taught me how to fuel for workouts, and what to eat for recovery. She taught me about portion sizes and balanced meals, various sources of protein (without overdoing it) and mind/body balance. I have never felt better – I have no issue getting through my workouts and hitting my goal of 4-5 classes a week. I highly recommend Rachel for coaching – she has a lot of knowledge and is very invested in the success of her clients.
Carla Fedele
VP, Western Canada Industrial

FREE Bonus Gifts

Your registration includes everything mentioned above plus these FREE gifts:

FREE e-Book Copy Of Going Meatless
FREE Access To The How To Upgrade Your Mind & Body Online Course

Client Testimonial

“Before investing in coaching sessions with Rachel many months ago I had a sedentary life style, low energy levels and felt lost in my life direction. During each session, Rachel encourages me, helps me set clear, SMART goals and inspires me to believe that I can accomplish things I thought I could never do. She provides me with regular support, giving me a listening ear and program adjustments when I need it. Along with the exercise Rachel continually teaches me about healthy eating and how whole foods support my hard work in the gym and other areas of my life. Since working with Rachel, I feel more energetic and confident about accomplishing my heath and wellness goals."
Joanne Lee

About Your Coach

Rachel Joy Olsen, BSc., MBA believes that whole food nutrition and living a compassionate lifestyle is the secret to healthy bliss. Her passion is to inspire people to embrace ultimate health and wellness as their number one priority and achieve the life they desire. 


She is the author of The Magic of Living NutritionMorgan’s Journey and Create & Manifest Your Vision, and founder of Living Meatless Nutrition and Wellness Company. 


Rachel is a holistic lifestyle coach, weight management and exercise specialist, yoga instructor, certified raw vegan nutritionist and chef, who inspires people to embrace their health by loving themselves and living the life they desire.  Rachel offers online and in-person coaching program, workshops and whole food nutrition supplements to assist her clients on their journey to an upgraded life. 

Thank you for choosing me to help you on this journey to better health and wellness. I look forward to working together. 

Until then… namaste my friend. 

Rachel Joy Olsen, BSc., MBA