17 Vegan Christmas Cookies & Other Tasty Delights

Vegan Walnut Fudge

Tis the season for baking. This year make your favourite holiday treats free of all eggs and dairy. These recipes are healthier and resemble the compassion and love you are celebrating for the season.  In this blog, you will discover 17 Vegan Christmas Cookies and other desserts you can make to satisfy the holiday sweet tooth.  

Many of these recipe have been created in my own kitchen; however,  I have also included some of my favourites from other vegan chef’s and bloggers to give you more variety. 

You will find a variety of fun, nutritious and superfood ingredients in these recipes. These ingredients are meant to provide not only rich flavour to these desserts but also to nourish your body so you can gain better health while enjoying a tasty treat. 

I have used a variety of essential oils in some of the ingredients as I believe essential oils are a nice way to add flavour as well as provide your body with nutrition and upgrade your overall wellness. 

At the beginning of many of these recipes I have given you kitchen tool recommendations that will help make preparing and cooking these ingredients more fun and with greater ease. 

I enjoy these recipes and share them with your friends and family as a nice way to celebrate this holiday season. 

Vegan Christmas Cookies

If you still have Christmas baking to so you have come to the right place. The following cookies are a collection of some of my older and news recipes. They are all egg and dairy-free and some are glut-free. Although the recipes may not call for gluten-free flour you can substitute any flour for a gluten-free variety. 

Almond Macaroons

These tasty treats are an easy-to-make vegan dessert. After prepping the ingredients, they only need to be refrigerated for a short time before they are ready to eat. 

Almond Macaroons

Chocolate Macaroons

These raw chocolate macaroons are similar to the almond macaroons, only you will use raw cacao instead of almond flour. 

Chocolate Macaroons

Coconut Sugar Cookies

These cookies are just like a regular sugar cookie except that the colour is a little darker due to the coconut sugar and they are 100% vegan. 

Coconut Sugar Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

Who doesn’t love gingerbread at Christmas? This recipe is just as delicious as the traditional recipe only this one is egg and dairy-free.  

Gingerbread Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies may not be a traditional holiday treat but they are so delicious they are worthy to be on any baking platter this season. 

Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Shortbread Cookies

I have been asked so many times… “how did you make vegan shortbread?” Well, it can be done and pretty easily I might add! These cookies will melt in your mouth and have you begging for more. 

Vegan Shortbread Cookies

Other Vegan Christmas Delights

Cookies are lovely to have at Christmas time but there are many other delicious holiday worthy treats you can make the season. The following recipes are some of my favourite sweet treats to make this, and any time of year. 

Almond Energy Balls

I love these little almond balls. I often make them to eat anytime of the year as they are considered an energy ball; however, they make a nice holiday treat as well. 

Almond Energy Balls

Blueberry Cheesecake

This raw, vegan dessert is very rich and will be a favourite for any cheesecake lover. 

Raw Blueberry Cheesecake

Butter Tarts

Vegan butter tarts are something I have wanted to make for a very long time. This version of this holiday favourite is just as good, if not better, that the full dairy recipe. 

Vegan Butter Tarts

Mocha Cheesecake

For the coffee and chocolate lovers out there this one’s for you! This is a rich, decadent dessert that will satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Raw Mocha Cheesecake

Pumpkin Spice Tart

This raw, vegan dessert uses festive holiday spices in a non-traditional way. However, it is always a crowd pleaser.  

Raw Pumpkin Spice Tart

Walnut Fudge

I used to love the fudge my mother used to make every year at Christmas; however, it was very rich and sat heavy in my stomach. This raw, vegan version is much lighter yet still has the richness you crave with fudge. 

Raw Walnut Fudge

Holiday Beverages

The holidays aren’t complete without some festive bevy’s. These recipes are all non-alcoholic but can be made with your favourite alcohol if that’s your preference. 

Coconut Nog

Egg nog is a traditional holiday favourite; however, it is not vegan friendly. This egg and dairy-free version is still rich and full of festive flavour. 

Coconut Nog

Essential Oil Infused Apple Cider

Even the smell of this drink will be enough. The holiday spice blend of the essential oils will have you take a walk down memory lane. 

Essential Oil Infused Apple Cider

Mint Hot Chocolate

This delicious hot chocolate is the perfect beverage after a cold and snowy day or while enjoying a couple of your favourite holiday treats. 

Mint Hot Chocolate

Beet Lemonade

This cool and refreshing beverage is one that is rich in red festive colour, is full of health nutrients and extremely delicious. 

Beet Lemonade

Turmeric Tea

This warm tea is not only mouth watering but is also full of the antioxidant properties that come with turmeric. 

Turmeric Tea

I hope you enjoy making these recipes as much I love creating them for you.

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Until next time, 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 


Rachel Joy Olsen, BSc., MBA

Author, Health & Wellness Coach

Read my, “From Frog Killer To Compassionate Vegan” story.